Poll: Voters call on government to boost affordable homes in budget

National housing campaign Everybody’s Home says the Federal Government will be up against the wishes of many voters if it doesn’t significantly invest in social and affordable housing in next week’s budget.

New research released today from the Australia Institute reveals 80 per cent of Australians want the government to spend more on affordable housing in the budget, while 68 per cent believe the government isn’t doing enough to tackle the housing crisis.

The polling comes as more than 40 organisations sign a letter to the Treasurer, calling for the next budget to fund at least 25,000 social and affordable homes a year. Signatories include ACOSS, Anglicare Australia, Homelessness Australia, National Shelter, and St Vincent de Paul Society National Council.

Everybody’s Home spokesperson Maiy Azize said housing affordability is a top priority for voters and that will grow with government inaction.

“Australian voters have spoken. They want the Federal Government to spend more on affordable housing in the upcoming budget. Voters are calling on the Federal Government to step up and provide more social and affordable housing for them and their communities.

“Whether it’s skipping a meal, cancelling a health appointment, or taking on a payday loan, everyday more Australians are making sacrifices just so they can have a place to call home. They are the ones paying the price for government inaction.

“This poll shows that Australians don’t want the government to outsource the cost of the crisis onto them. They want affordable, decent homes.

“If we want to address the biggest housing crisis in living memory, we can’t keep sticking with the status quo. We need funding and action that matches the scale of this emergency.

“The Federal Government must invest in building 25,000 social homes each year to address the shortfall of 640,000 social homes. It also needs to wind back handouts to landlords, like negative gearing.

“It’s clear that Australians expect the government to act. Our hope is that they will finally listen.”

Deputy director of the Australia Institute Ebony Bennett said too many Australians can’t find an affordable home to rent.

“Our research shows that direct funding of social housing is one of the best ways to address the housing crisis and this is backed by an overwhelming majority of Australians.

“If this government is serious about building social homes for the community, it would directly fund the building of social homes instead of relying on an investment fund that will not fill the housing shortfall.

“The estimated cost of fixing the social housing shortfall may sound like a lot, but compared to the half a trillion-dollar price tag of the Stage 3 tax cuts and nuclear submarines, it’s an absolute bargain to provide Australians with a roof over their head.”

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