Email your MP

Investor tax breaks will cost Australians almost $150 billion over the next decade.

That’s enough to build more than 500,000 social homes.

Will you take a moment to send a quick email to your federal member of parliament telling them you support abolishing unfair investor tax breaks?

Investor tax breaks cost billions of dollars each year and these resources would be much better spent directly delivering more affordable rental housing. 

Tell them if they’re serious about fixing Australia’s housing crisis, they must abolish the unfair tax breaks and build social housing.

Many politicians also own investment properties. Look up how many properties your federal MP owns here.

Fast facts:1

  • The budget is expected to lose almost a quarter of a trillion dollars (~$228 billion) to negative gearing and capital gains tax concessions between 2010-33
  • The cost of investor tax breaks over the next decade could build more than half a million (549,301) social homes
  • Tax breaks for investors have outstripped federal spending on social housing and homelessness services by at least five times
  • In 1982, the government spent about $164 per person on public and community housing. By 2022, that number shrunk to $61.

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