Report underscores desperate need for more social housing

Everybody’s Home is urging the federal government to boost social housing in its upcoming Budget, as a new report paints a dire picture of rental affordability across the country. 

Anglicare’s Rental Affordability Snapshot lays bare a harsh reality: affordable rentals are almost non-existent for those on income support, and scarce for full-time minimum wage earners. 

The report also shows increases to rental supply in parts of the country hasn’t made renting more affordable.  

Everybody’s Home spokesperson Jennifer Kirkaldy said more social housing is key to easing the housing crisis.

“Every year the Rental Affordability Snapshot serves as a sobering reminder: the housing crisis deepens the longer that the government fails to act,” Ms Kirkaldy said.

“Every year, we’re seeing more people priced out of renting and being pushed into housing stress and homelessness. Even in regions where rental supply has gone up, housing isn’t becoming more affordable. 

“The private market alone will not solve the housing crisis. Instead, we need a boost in social housing – homes that are set up to make renting affordable.

“The next Budget is an opportunity to shift the dial. Australia needs 50,000 social housing properties every year over the next decade. The government must also reform investor tax arrangements which are pushing up the cost of housing.

“The research is clear: Australians cannot afford housing, and Australia cannot afford for this housing crisis to get any worse.”

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