Surging homelessness shows the need for more social housing

As new census data reveals a rise in homelessness across Australia, national housing campaign Everybody’s Home is urging the Federal Government to end the crisis by ramping up spending on social and affordable housing.

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures released today show that thousands more Australians are being pushed into homelessness, with women being the fastest growing cohort.

Everybody’s Home spokesperson Maiy Azize said the data shows the need for more social housing.

“These figures show that homelessness is surging across the country,” Ms Azize said.

“Housing stress is the fastest growing cause of homelessness in Australia, and the crisis has gone from bad to worse since the 2021 census. Rents have reached an all time highs and vacancies hitting record lows.

“There aren’t enough affordable homes, and millions of Australians are paying the price – including families, women fleeing domestic violence, and older people. Their plight won’t end until there is action. 

“These figures show that the Government must step up its game and build social homes for those who are already homeless and on the brink. 

“We need an ambitious momentous plan with funding that matches the scale of our housing emergency. The Federal Government must build 25,000 social homes every year. The government can choose to fund the social housing shortfall by ending the billions in tax handouts to landlords. 

“The housing crisis has already hit home for hundreds of thousands of Australians. They are asking when it will hit home for our nation’s leaders.”

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