Statement on Housing Australia Future Fund

Commenting on the Housing Australia Future Fund, spokesperson for national housing campaign Everybody’s Home Maiy Azize said:

“Australia has a once in a generation opportunity to build up social housing.

“We have no time to waste. There are hundreds of thousands of people in severe housing stress, and today’s census numbers show that people are being pushed into homelessness at record numbers.

“These Australians are counting on the Government and the Parliament to deliver the homes that they need.

“Many experts who went before the Inquiry called for the Housing Australia Future Fund to be strengthened. Topping up its funding every year and uncapping the funding for social housing would get more badly needed dollars into housing and more homes built.

“We also need to make sure that this Fund actually delivers homes to the people who need them. The Inquiry heard that the Fund should have a binding commitment to build social homes, not just a target.

“Everybody’s Home is calling on the Government to strengthen this Fund to make sure it delivers for Australians – and we’re calling on the Parliament to pass it.”

A key Senate inquiry is set to release a report on the Housing Australia Future Fund this afternoon.

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