Report: People becoming severely ill at home due to heat

People experiencing financial and social disadvantage are struggling to keep their homes cool in summer and becoming seriously unwell from the heat, ACOSS research has found.

A survey conducted by ACOSS in partnership with First Nations Clean Energy Network of 1,007 people across Australia found 80 per cent of people were living in homes that are too hot in summer.

Key findings include:

  • 80% of people said their homes get too hot 
  • 60% of people receiving income support struggled to cool their home 
  • 72% of First Nations people struggled to cool their home 
  • 78% of people in social housing struggled to cool their home 
  • 66% of people in private rentals struggle to cool their home. 
  • 80% said the high temperatures in the home made them unwell (94% of First Nations respondents) 
  • 14% sought medical attention for heat stress (25% of First Nations respondents) 
  • 94% had difficulty sleeping due to heat 
  • 60% were finding it increasingly difficult to pay their energy bills, with 26% in or facing energy debt 

Read the full report.

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