National Cabinet must protect renters from the housing crisis

Everybody’s Home is calling on National Cabinet to immediately adopt strong nationwide rental reform to ease the housing crisis.

Spokesperson Maiy Azize said governments must end no-cause evictions, limit unfair rent increases, adopt minimum rental standards, and improve compliance.

“National Cabinet can start easing the housing crisis today if it introduces strong reforms that protect renters,” Ms Azize said.

“There’s no doubt we need more social housing but we also need to fix the unstable and unaffordable private rental market.

“Many renters are not only struggling to secure a home but when they have one it’s a battle to keep it. Landlords have jacked up rents at an extraordinary pace and are getting away with unfairly evicting tenants and providing them with poor-quality homes.

“We need a robust national approach to renters’ rights and rental standards. The growing number of renters – many of whom will be renting for life – deserve a safe, decent, affordable home no matter where they live in Australia.

“The Federal Government has a responsibility to protect people from the worst impacts of this crisis. Renters across the country will be watching to see if they step up.”

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