National Cabinet meeting: Statement from Everybody’s Home

Statement from Everybody’s Home spokesperson Maiy Azize about today’s National Cabinet meeting:

This was a lost opportunity to protect renters from the worst of the housing crisis.

Today’s agreement will not end unfair rent increases. Limiting increases to once a year won’t change anything for nine out of ten renters across the country, and has still seen rents spiral.

Today’s agreement has not given us a concrete plan for no-cause evictions. With no timeline for change and no details on reasonable grounds, we cannot protect renters who are fearful of eviction now.

There are only so many rent increases people can afford to cop, and Everybody’s Home will keep pushing for real limits on rent increases. We will keep pushing for a timeline to end no-cause evictions. And we will keep pushing for an end to Australia’s huge shortfall in social housing. 

Building generic homes is only half of the answer. We need a plan to end the social and affordable housing shortfall – or 640,000 families will remain in severe rental stress.

We have seen that leaders across the country have goodwill and good intentions. Now we need to turn those intentions into action.

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