MEDIA RELEASE: Labor’s affordable housing commitment a game changer

16 December, 2018

Labor’s announcement it will deliver 250,000 new affordable rental properties over 10 years is a game changer for 811,000 Australians in rental stress.

National Everybody’s Home campaign spokesperson, Kate Colvin, said ahead of next year’s Federal election Australian voters expect all parties to address the cost of housing – the biggest single cost of living for low and middle income households.

“Analysis by the University of NSW shows that across the country 811,000 Australian households are in rental stress, in every state and territory and in every electorate.

“The narrow focus on real estate prices and home buyers means they’ve been totally ignored in the housing debate until now.“

Ms Colvin said Australian has dropped the ball on social housing investment over the past two decades.

As a result 200,000 households are on official waiting lists with many hundreds of thousands more in danger of falling through the gaps.

Homelessness rates have increased by 14% nationally over five years, and low and middlie income earners are going with out essentials just to pay the rent in the private market.

“Recent research by AHURI clearly shows that up front investment in social and affordable housing is the most effective way to improve rental affordability, and ensure there is enough affordable rental housing for low paid workers as our population grows.

“Housing and cost of living are 2 of the 3 issues voters want addressed at the election,

“This election we need all parties to support a national housing strategy that includes a plan to deliver social and affordable rental homes Australians need,

“We asked Labor to step up to the plate and they’ve totally knocked it out of the park. We’re looking forward all parties doing the same over the next few months,” Ms Colvin said.

NB Ms Colvin is in Adelaide and available for comment

Media enquiries: Jenny Stokes 0478 504 280

The Everybody’s Home campaign has united the not for profit housing, homelessness and community sectors with the nation’s largest charities in calling for leaders to fix Australia’s housing system so that everybody has a home.

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