Media alert: Rental crisis inquiry to hear cost of inaction

Everybody’s Home will today warn senators how much worse the rental crisis will get if the federal government doesn’t take an ambitious, holistic approach to turn it around. 

From 9.45am at Parliament House, Canberra, spokesperson Maiy Azize will drive home the solutions and human cost of inaction at the Senate inquiry into the rental crisis.

“Australia is one of the world’s wealthiest countries yet everyday, too many people are sacrificing the bare necessities just so they can make the rent for another week,” Ms Azize said.

“If we think housing stress and homelessness is bad now, it will be all the more diabolical for generations to come if governments don’t take the necessary action we need today.

“Right now, there’s a social housing shortfall of at least 640,000 homes and that will balloon to one million within decades if governments keep sticking with the status quo or delivering piecemeal measures. Pumping up the private rental market with landlord tax breaks and more generic housing supply hasn’t made renting anymore affordable today, so we can’t expect it will in the future. 

“The federal government can choose to leave a legacy that delivers an ambitious and holistic plan on housing yet it continues to miss the mark. National Cabinet hasn’t gone far enough to improve renters’ rights, and the government’s vision for the National Housing and Homelessness Plan lacks ambition. 

“The rental crisis is completely solvable, but it will take long-term investment in social housing, real rental reform, and action to make our tax system fairer. With more and more Australians doing it tough, there is no time to waste.”

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