Housing crisis must be addressed in budget

As Australians endure the worst housing crisis in living memory, national housing campaign Everybody’s Home is calling on the Federal Government to increase social housing and income support payments in tomorrow’s budget. 

Everybody’s Home spokesperson Maiy Azize is available for comment before and after the budget is released.

“The government must do something about the housing crisis in this budget – one of the nation’s biggest crises. We can’t sit idle while rents continue to soar and more people are pushed into housing stress and homelessness. We need more social housing, more financial support for people who can’t afford rent, and more funding for the services helping those in need,” Ms Azize said.

Everybody’s Home wants the budget to include the following:

  • Build at least 25,000 social homes each year for 20 years
  • End tax handouts for landlords, saving billions for social homes and renters in need
  • Boost funding for homelessness services
  • Boost JobSeeker and fix Commonwealth Rent Assistance

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