Government must keep negotiating housing fund

National housing campaign Everybody’s Home is urging the Federal Government to continue negotiating its key housing legislation until it has the numbers to go to a vote. 

Everybody’s Home is concerned the Housing Australia Future Fund will be rushed to a vote and won’t pass the Senate.

“We are distressed by reports that the fund will go up for a vote in the Senate before it has enough support to get over the line,” spokesperson Maiy Azize said.

“We want the fund to pass – we are the biggest cheerleaders for building more social housing immediately. But that means negotiating until it gets enough support, and negotiating to ensure it’s as strong as it can be. 

“We can’t risk this fund failing to pass. The housing crisis is urgent and the stakes are too high.

“We’re calling on the government to go back to the negotiating table and strengthen the fund before putting it up for a vote.”

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