WA homelessness strategy needs all Australia behind it

#EndHomelessnessWA’s10 year strategy for ending homelessness in Western Australia shows all governments need to act to address growing homelessness across Australia.

The strategy released today follows a report into the state of homelessness in Australian Cities by the Centre of Social Impact at the University of Western Australia.

Everybody’s Home spokesperson, Kate Colvin said it was clear that Australia’s broken housing system is being felt in every state and territory, by every generation.

“The #EndHomelessnessWA strategy is a clear, sensible and achievable plan for ending homelessness in Western Australia,” Ms Colvin said

“However it will need commitment and support from both the WA Government and Commonwealth Government to succeed.”

Ms Colvin said the biggest single cause of homelessness in WA is the lack of social and affordable homes, which means many West Australian families simply can’t find housing they can afford.

Everybody’s Home is calling on the Federal Government to help deliver 500,000 social and affordable homes to meet the identified housing shortfall across the country, and to develop a national plan to end homelessness.

“If the Federal Government and West Australian Government work together we know they can deliver the homes people need so that people don’t become homeless, and they can deliver the support vulnerable people need to get back on their feet.

“It’s time that politicians in Canberra realised that homelessness and housing stress is not just a Sydney Melbourne issue, it’s a national one that needs a response from all our national leaders.”

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The Everybody’s Home campaign has united the not for profit housing, homelessness and community sectors with the nation’s largest charities in calling for leaders to fix Australia’s housing system so that everybody has a home.

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