Tomorrow’s the day – the day we decide who our state government will be for the next four years.

After thousands of Everybody’s Home supporters like you signed the petition or sent their local candidates an email calling on them to commit to fixing the broken housing system if elected, almost all of the major parties have been in contact to let us know their policies for fixing the broken housing system.

We’ve put together this report card to show where the parties stand, so that you can make an informed decision when you head to the voting booth tomorrow. Check it out now to find out what the parties had to say and how they stack up on homelessness and housing, and scroll down to check out their full formal responses. 



Want to know more about what each Party had to say? Click on the headings below to see individual responses and policies of each Party.

The Labor Party

“Labor believes in the right of all Victorians to safe, secure and affordable housing. Labor is rolling out the $2.6 billion Homes for Victorians plan that increases and renews public housing, makes renting fairer and helps address homelessness.

A big part of this plan was our bold step in 2017 to create the $1 billion Social Housing Growth Fund a collaboration between government, private and philanthropic sectors – which will provide dedicated assistance to community housing associations to help support around 2,200 households with safe and secure housing.”

Click here to see Labor’s full, formal response

The Liberal Party

The Liberal Party did not respond. The responses in the report card were taken from their website.

The Greens

“The Greens want everyone in Victoria to have a safe, secure and affordable place to call home, and we agree with you that we need to take urgent action to solve our housing crisis.

While we agree with you that we need to create more public and community housing, we believe that the scale of our housing crisis requires a significant and urgent intervention above 3,000 a year. The Greens have a plan to build 40,000 new public housing properties in the next six years and to create a further 40,000 public, community, and other affordable homes in the six years from 2025. We will also provide a $200m fund for the community housing sector to continue to expand its stock.”

Click here to see the full, formal response from the Greens

Reason Party

“Fiona Patten’s Reason Party is committed to evidence-based approaches in all areas of policy, and welcome the reforms and measures you propose to tackle issues of affordable housing, homelessness, and fair renting. 

Expansion of social housing stock is well overdue in Victoria, and your target of 3,000 additional properties per year is ambitious yet entirely justified, given the size of existing waiting lists and expected growth in demand in the coming years and decades. 

As your shared vision sets out, it is far more sensible (not to mention more efficient in terms of budgetary resources) to provide services to people at risk of homelessness before their accommodation options run out. Fiona Patten’s Reason Party are strong advocates for the provision of effective government services which seek to alleviate situations before they become major problems for individuals and society, including services related to housing, loneliness, mental and physical health, drug use, justice, and prisoner rehabilitation. “

Click here to see the full, formal response from the Reason Party.