Email Daniel Andrews

and tell him that all Victorians deserve a home

COVID-19 has shown how important our homes are for keeping us safe in times of difficulty. But many Victorians don’t have a home at all.

The recent surge in unemployment means that rent stress and homelessness are rapidly increasing in Victoria, and our social housing safety net can’t offer enough support.

Despite being a great place for many to live, Victoria currently:

  • Spends less per person than any other state or territory on housing
  • Has the lowest proportion of social housing in Australia
  • Needs 6,000 social housing units and 300 Aboriginal housing units per year for ten years

That’s why we’re asking you to email Premier Daniel Andrews and ask him to urgently support Victoria’s homeless and ensure those who are currently in temporary housing do not end up back on the street.

We’ve already drafted a message for you to send in just a few seconds, but feel free to edit the message or completely write your own. Don’t forget to add your own eye catching subject line.

Just let the Premier know that hundreds of Victorians in temporary accommodation including women and children fleeing domestic violence, young people who need a safe home, older Victorians living in poverty, and those who’ve lost their job need the Victorian Government’s support.