Let’s get loud!

This is a crisis we can no longer afford to ignore. Want your voice to be heard?

Across Australia, there are 640,000 families in significant housing stress and 122,000 people homeless on any given night. Millions more are struggling to make ends meet.

Whether you’re without a stable home, on the cusp of eviction, struggling to find a rental, or wondering if you’ll ever be able to afford a home at all – we are all impacted by this crisis and that’s why we want to hear from you!

Tell us how the housing crisis is impacting you

  1. Create a 15-30 second video telling us how you’re impacted by Australia’s worst housing crisis in living memory.
  2. Upload it to instagram, tiktok or your favourite social media channel. Tag @wearemobilise and #EverybodysHome so we can amplify your message and get your voice in front of people with the power to make change.
  3. We’ll combine your video with the voices of hundreds of others and use it to strengthen our advocacy.

And together, we’ll demand our politicians to act!