Our summer housing facts

Let’s face it, most Christmas drinks or summer barbecues turn to real estate talk sooner or later. 

This year everybody will be breathing a sigh of relief that house prices have been on their way down (kind of).

But the Rental Affordability Index out today shows that real estate prices may have dropped in some areas but rental affordability is actually WORSE for a whole lot of people.

·      A Newstart recipient cannot afford to rent ANYWHERE in the country, even with Commonwealth Rent Assistance

·      An Aged Pensioner living on their own would have to pay more than 50% of their income in rent in any capital city – and regional areas are now out of reach too.

·      Even moderate income households are paying unaffordably high rents in most suburbs in every  one of our capital cities.

Which just goes to show the whole housing system needs fixing.

So, when you’re at Christmas drinks or the family BBQ and everyone is talking about real estate (again) we’ve come up with some real facts you can throw in to keep the conversation real.

Infographic outlining six real housing facts that show Australia's housing crisis is not over for many Australian renters.
Download the real housing facts

Real estate conversations will be happening in offices and backyards across Australia this summer.

Let’s turn the conversation around and get the real facts out there!

Because a house should never be just an economic asset. It’s security, it’s community, it’s a home – whether you own it or not.

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