Sign the petition to priorities first home buyers over speculators

Australia is the third least affordable housing market in the world.

Tax breaks for investors, like negative gearing and capital gains tax, are driving up house prices faster than incomes.

It means that every-day Australians who just want a home are missing out to investors, weekend after weekend.

And competition for rental properties is now so fierce many families are struggling to find any home at all.

That’s why we’re calling on the Treasurer to:

  • Prioritise home buyers over property speculators by phasing out negative gearing and capital gains tax discounts for investors; and
  • Use the billions the government will save every year to encourage investment in more social and affordable rental housing.

This would mean we can support first home buyers and provide desperately needed social and affordable housing for Australians who need a roof over their head.

Will you sign the petition now and call on the Treasurer to redress the housing balance so that it works for people buying a home, not just an investment portfolio?

Because a house is more than an economic asset. It’s security. It’s community. It’s a home.