Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA) is supposed to help people on low incomes to pay their rent.

But rents are skyrocketing, and rent assistance isn’t increasing with it.

That means that rent assistance is covering a smaller proportion of rental costs every year – leaving people with less money to meet basic costs for things like food, electricity or medical expenses!

No one should have to live in chronic rental stress. That’s why we’re calling on the Federal Government to provide immediate relief to Australians struggling to keep their heads above water, by increasing Commonwealth Rent Assistance.

 Will you sign the petition to ask the government to:

  • Increase rent assistance while more social and affordable housing is being built;
  • Provide a catch up increase of 30% or about $20 a week for those in the highest rental stress; and
  • Review the way Rent Assistance is calculated to make eligibility and payments fairer?

It’s time to fix the broken housing system so that it works for everyone.