Australia has a shortage of affordable homes.

Competition for rental properties that low and middle income earners can afford is so fierce that thousands of Australians are missing out every week.

And when people can’t afford these sky-rocketing rents? They end up having to move further and further from where they work, struggle to make ends meet, or are without a home at all, forced to live in their cars, sleep on friends’ couches, or even on the street.

We’ve looked at the figures and they show that Australia will need 500,000 new low-cost rental homes to meet the current and growing demand for affordable rental housing.

That’s why we’re calling on the Prime Minister to develop a National Housing Strategy to deliver:

  • 300,000 new social and Aboriginal housing properties to ensure everyone on low incomes, or experiencing homelessness, is housed;
  • 200,000 new affordable rental homes to house low and moderate income workers.

Will you sign the petition now to call on the Prime Minister to develop a National Housing strategy to deliver the 500,000 affordable homes Australia desperately needs?

Because a house is more than an economic asset. It’s security. It’s community. It’s a home.