Housing affordability

This Christmas

paying the rent will be harder than ever

Don’t let the real estate pages fool you. Australia’s housing system is still broken.

In fact, the latest Rental Affordability Index shows that for many Australian renters this Christmas, the housing crisis will be worse than ever.

And, across Australia, 116,000 Australians are homeless as we approach another holiday season.

Read the shocking RAI results

  • A Newstart recipient would have to pay on on average 77% of their income in rent on average – rising to 135% in Sydney;
  • A single Aged Pensioner would have to pay more than 50% of their income in rent in ANY capital city;
  • A single parent working part time can only afford to rent in regional South Australia, EVEN WHEN parenting payments are included.

It’s clear our housing system isn’t working. Yet again rents have increased faster than incomes, and investment in social and affordable housing has fallen.

To end growing rent stress and homelessness, Australians desperately need our governments to:

  1. Invest in more social housing so we can stop its steady loss and provide the 500,000 social and affordable homes Australia will need to make a real difference by 2036; and
  2. Increase rent assistance by 30% so that Australians in chronic rent stress can keep a roof over their head without going without day-day-basics like food, transport and medical costs.

Will you join the campaign and help us fix Australia’s broken housing system so that everybody has a home?