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call on Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese to make sure everyone has a home

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COVID-19 has shown us all how important home is. For most of us our homes have provided shelter, safety and security in this time of need.

But for many, the crisis of the last few weeks has highlighted how badly our housing system is broken.

  • Thousands of rough sleepers have nowhere to shelter from the virus
  • Out of 70,000 private rentals on the market, just 1.5% are affordable for people on the lowest incomes*
  • Renters have been evicted overnight because they couldn’t keep up with rent after they lost their jobs; and
  • Home-owners have lost their homes, leaving many in debt to the banks

And as the economic crisis continues, more people are at risk of homelessness than ever before.

We can fix our broken housing system, and make it fairer, and more secure.

Will you sign the petition now to call on Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese to work together to implement these 5 key things:   

  1. Investment in 500,000 social and affordable homes to create a safety net for Australian renters – and the construction jobs and apprenticeships Australia needs to rebuild
  2. Fairer and nationally consistent rental laws to protect renters from unfair evictions
  3. Permanent increases to government support so people don’t have to choose between food and keeping a roof over their head.
  4. A national plan to end homelessness within 10 years; and
  5. Changes to tax laws so that home and shelter are always more important than quick investment windfalls.

Will you add your name and call for the changes we need so that everybody in Australia will always have a home?

*2020 Anglicare Rental Affordability Snapshot