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Immediate relief for Australians in chronic rental stress

In many Australian cities and towns rents have been rising much faster than people’s incomes.

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Did you know?

2 in 5

people are still in rental stress even after receiving rent assistance


rent is rising faster than rent assistance


a week would improve affordability for many households

Meet Indigo

Indigo lives with a housemate and travels around an hour on the bus to study with Mission Australia’s FLO campus and TAFE classes at the College of the Arts in Adelaide. Her schedule makes it almost impossible to work as well. This year she is aiming to do a bridging course, as she’s hoping to start uni in 2019 – if she can afford it.

“I try and put away $20 each fortnight but it doesn’t really work out, ever. Something always comes up. I used to have savings about a year ago, but I don’t now. I’ve moved and the rent is more expensive. I was living in a granny flat, with everything included but now I’m in a real house and pay more rent.”


Our plan for people in chronic rental stress

Relief now

People are paying so much in rent they cant meet basic costs like decent food, electricity, education and medical expenses.

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There’s a solution for everyone

It will take time to plan for and build the 500,000 social and affordable rental homes Australia needs. People on low and middle incomes need a roof over their heads now.

We’re calling on the Federal government to:

  • Increase Commonwealth Rent Assistance while more social and affordable housing is being built
  • Provide renters with a catch up increase of 30% or about $20 a week for those in the highest rental stress
  • Review the way Rent Assistance is calculated to make eligibility and payments fairer.

This will give people in housing stress more to spend on crucial things like food, healthcare and getting on with life in their local community.

It’s time to fix the housing system.

Fix the system

Join the campaign for a better, fairer housing system for everyone. Every Australian needs a place to call home.

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