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More social and affordable homes

Skyrocketing house prices and rents mean that thousands of Australians are missing out. Workers like nurses, police officers, teachers and childcare workers are commuting for hours just to get to work – or they’re having to leave the city and communities they care for.

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Australia will need 500,000 social and affordable homes by 2026.


Affordable housing are typically properties with rent at least 20% below market rates.


It's not just about the most vulnerable. More than 1 in 9 households in Australia pay more for housing than they can afford.

Meet Jackie

When Jackie, husband John and daughter Elly May couldn’t keep their heads above water in the private rental market they moved temporarily into a caravan at the local showground to save money. High local rents meant getting back into the private rental market was near impossible.

A few months became six years but then with John’s health deteriorating, the family found a home with community housing provider Compass Housing

“It was such a great feeling; awesome. My daughter was rapt. Having the house has changed everything. We look after the house like it is our own because we know that if we pay our rent and do the right thing we have the safety and stability of a home for life.”

“Life is so much better.”


Our plan to support more social and affordable homes

National Housing Strategy

Develop a National Housing Strategy to meet Australia’s identified shortfall of 500,000 social and affordable rental homes

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The Federal Government needs to develop a coherent National Housing Strategy that includes:

  • new capital investment to generate 300,000 new social and Aboriginal housing properties
  • a new tax incentive or direct subsidy to leverage super fund and other private sector investment in 200,000 low cost rental properties for low and middle-income earners

A National Housing Strategy to meet Australia’s identified shortfall of 500,000 social and affordable homes will determine the respective roles of federal, state and local governments and identify the full range of instruments required to achieve this.

It’s time to fix the housing system.

Fix the system

Join the campaign for a better, fairer housing system for everyone. Every Australian needs a place to call home.

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