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A plan to end homelessness

The number of Australians experiencing homelessness is growing every year because of the shortage of affordable housing and skyrocketing rents.

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Did you know?


homelessness has increased by 13.7% in 4 years.


of people who are homeless are under the age of 25.


of people who are homeless actually sleep on the streets. Most you wouldn't see or know they're homeless.

Meet Gary

After being homeless for many years, Gary now works at a job he loves with a local transport company – after finding a home with a local community housing provider. He has also traveled Sydney this year to complete a course in construction as well as other qualifications.

Since having a place to call home, Gary has taken up running and raised more than $10,000 for local charities Ronald McDonald House, Soul Cafe, and the Samaritans. Gary also wants to do talks to help young kids avoid getting into drugs and how to break free from addiction. He says people need to reach out for help and find their own way to break the cycle.

“Having a home makes it much easier to study and hold down a job. I used to take from the community, now I want to give back to the community. It’s never too late to turn your life around.”


Our plan to end homelessness

End homelessness

With real effort we can halve homelessness in five years and end it in 10.

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There's a solution for everyone.

We’re calling on governments to put together a national action plan to end homelessness that:

  • Addresses all the drivers of homelessness, including the lack of affordable housing, poverty and family violence.
  • Rapidly rehouses people who are homeless and helps them stay there.
  • Addresses the over-representation of Aboriginal people in the homeless service system.
  • Commit to ending homelessness by 2030 by taking action to prevent homelessness and delivering rapid access to the housing and support people need if they do lose their own home.

With real effort we can halve homelessness in 5 years and end it in 10.

It’s time to fix the housing system.

Fix the system

Join the campaign for a better, fairer housing system for everyone. Every Australian needs a place to call home.

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