Tell the PM to stop the heath crisis becomming a homlessness crisis

Open letter to Scott Morrison

Join Australian organisations calling for more investment in social housing

Your organisation is invited to join the list of signatories to this open letter to the Prime Minister calling for an urgent commitment to social housing in the Budget.

We aim to demonstrate the huge support for social housing investment from our sector and allies. The more organisations that sign the more pressure the Government will feel to ensure that this year’s Budget provides an effective stimulus that builds social housing and generates local employment.

The letter will be sent to the Prime Minister and released to the media prior to the Budget, so we need all signatories confirmed by 23 September.

Just fill out our form to add your organisation as a signatory and attach your organisational logo.

Dear Prime Minister, 

It’s time for every Australian to have a home

We write to call on you to commit to significant new investment to reduce homelessness and create construction jobs.

Australia is in the midst of an economic crisis which threatens the livelihood and well-being of over one million Australians.

Before COVID-19, 116,000 Australians were homeless every night. The impact of the global pandemic will exacerbate this, placing stress on the one in three Australians who rent.

Australia’s recession has already seen thousands of jobs lost in the construction industry, with thousands more jobs projected to go in coming months.

Investment in social housing will create the long-term pipeline of projects and construction- jobs needed in local communities as they rebuild after this pandemic.

Building 30,000 social housing properties over four years will create more than 18,000 construction related jobs a year for our building sector.

It will also keep 30,000 Australian families housed at a time when they face significant upheaval.

Federal governments have intervened during earlier times of crisis.

The post 2nd World War public housing boom was the result of bipartisan support for a national building program that helped lead Australia’s economic recovery and keep its citizens housed.

Federal social housing investment after Cyclone Tracy and the Global Financial Crisis was also instrumental in helping our communities and local economies rebuild.

Housing is a fundamental need and our national response must rise above state boundaries or party politics. From Chifley and Menzies to Whitlam and Fraser housing programs worked because they were driven by national leadership. This tradition must be honoured.

We urge the Federal Government to lead a social investment program to ensure we keep Australians housed and our construction industry building.