Saturday’s the day – the day we decide who our state government will be for the next four years.

In just a few short weeks, Everybody’s Home supporters like you signed the petition or sent their local candidates an email calling on them to commit to 3 key asks that will help fix the broken housing system. We also invited them to a Sydney Town Hall Assembly to give them the chance to let us know where they stand.

Based on the major parties’ responses to our emails and questions at the Assembly, we’ve put together this scorecard so that you can  make an informed decision when you head to the voting booth this Saturday.

Check it out now to find out what the major parties had to say and how they stack up on homelessness and housing, and scroll down to check out their full formal responses. 


Want to know more about what each Party had to say? Click on the headings below to see individual responses and policies of each Party.

NSW Liberal National Party

“As you may be aware, the NSW Government is currently underway with the biggest social housing building program in the country. Through the Communities Plus program, established under Future Directions for Social Housing in NSW, the NSW Government is delivering an additional 23,500 new and replacement social and affordable housing dwellings over the next 10 years. Each home is designed to meet the changing demographic of social housing tenants with each home internally designed and built to Silver level standard under the Liveable Housing Design Guidelines to ensure they are easily adaptable for residents with disabilities and those with limited mobility.”

Click here to read the full letter from Minister for Social Housing Pru Goward. 

NSW Labor Party

“A NSW Labor Government will:

  1. Conduct a full audit of government-owned land and create the Affordable Housing Land Register (AHLR). This full audit of government land will identify holdings that could be developed for Affordable Housing
  2. Deliver a 25% Affordable Housing mandate on government-owned land. Labor will work with stakeholders to ensure that land owned by the Government which is fast-tracked for development will have a 25% mandate of Affordable Housing within our first term in government. We will end the practice of selling Government-owned land to the highest bidder without obtaining the maximum social utility.
  3. Implement a 15% Affordable Housing mandate on privately developed land. Labor will work with stakeholders to introduce a mandate of 15% of new dwellings or floor space on privately developed land within our first term of government. 15% of dwellings designated as Affordable Housing will be available for rental or sale to low and moderate income households within our first term in government.” 

“Also under Labor’s plan, a landlord will need to provide reasonable grounds to terminate a tenancy. 

We will work with stakeholders to develop a set of reasonable grounds for eviction. This could include a tenant being in breach of their tenancy agreement, the need for the landlord or family to live in the premises, or the landlord’s intention to sell the property.” 

Click here to check out their policy on housing affordability policy. 

Click here to check out their tenancy policy. 

NSW Greens

Tonight I am announcing The Greens plan to deliver 300,000 new social homes in NSW over the next ten years.

These homes will be the best homes in NSW: affordable, well-designed, and 100% pollution free.

Yes, we get it – we know housing and energy are connected – that people’s lives don’t exist as separate portfolios.

We have a plan for affordable, zero carbon emissions homes. Homes that will consume half the energy of typical homes today.

So how will we pay for all this?

The big banks have profited hugely from the financialization of our housing market. People in our communities have been weighed down with ever increasing levels of debt and rental stress.

It’s time to take it back and reclaim housing for the public good.

That’s why tonight I am announcing that the Greens want a new state based banking levy that would see $450million in revenue raised each year -$450 million to invest in sustainable and affordable housing annually.”

Click here to read Jenny Leong’s full speech from the Town Hall Assembly.