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We need more social housing in NSW – and the state election on March 23 is a perfect opportunity to make that happen.

With the election just around the corner, candidates in every seat across the state are listening more than ever to their local communities, because they’ll need your vote!

That means, if enough of us send our local candidates emails, we can pressure them into making a commitment to use their position in Parliament to make sure:

  • NSW gets 5,000 extra social housing homes every year for the next 10 years.
  • NSW renters get protection from unfair evictions; and
  • We have a properly funded 10-year plan to end homelessness in NSW

Can you take a moment now, to send your local candidates an email, using the tool on the right?

Why is public and community housing so important?


Social housing – whether that’s public or not for profit community housing –  provides safe, secure shelter for those who would otherwise end up couch-surfing, living in their car or even on the street. It’s home to couples, families, people on the pension, job-seekers, childcare workers – to so many people.

But we need 140,000 more social housing homes in NSW alone. Because of this shortage, 37,000 people in NSW are homeless on any given night, people are waiting up to 10 years for social housing and more than 280,000 NSW low-income households are living with chronic rental stress.

Email your candidate and tell them it’s not good enough!



Authorised by Kate Colvin, Council to Homeless Persons, 2 Stanley Street Collingwood Victoria 3066