NFP Real Estate Agency to Drive Sydney’s Affordable Housing Supply

A new not-for-profit real estate agency will drive investment in and supply of affordable housing in the “most difficult housing market in Australia”.

Bridge Housing‘s HomeGround Real Estate Sydney (HomeGround Sydney), is a spin-off of the successful HomeGround real estate social enterprise founded by Launch Housing in Victoria and marks the first interstate franchise for the model.

HomeGround Sydney offers three models for property owners and investors to help end homelessness.

  • The first is for property owners to list their properties with HomeGround Sydney at market rents, with HomeGround Sydney reinvesting its management fee profits back into more affordable housing.
  • The second is for property owners to offer their properties at below market rents to directly support people into affordable housing.
  • The third is for owners to donate the use of their properties without seeking an income return on their investment.

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