Highate Hill Queensland

Email QLD's leaders

and tell them to make renting fair

The Queensland Government is writing new rental laws and we need to make sure they are fair for the 1.8 million renters in the Sunshine State.

The simple changes being considered will make a huge difference in the lives of the 1 in 3 Queenslanders who rent:

  • A home that’s healthy and safe
  • More protection from unreasonable evictions
  • The right to hang a picture
  • The right to live with your pet
  • Protection for renters experiencing family violence

They’re all fair asks!

That’s why we’re asking you to email leaders on both sides of politics and let them know that Queensland renters expect rental laws that make sure everybody has a safe sand secure place to live, regardless of whether you rent or you own your own home.

We’ve already drafted a message for you to send in just a few seconds, but feel free to edit the message or completely write your own. Don’t forget to add your own eye catching subject line.

Just let them know that a house should never be just an economic asset. It’s safety. It’s security. It’s a home.