So many housing terms - what do they all mean?

public housing

Affordable housing

Properties typically have rents at least 20% below the market rate and are available to people on low incomes who are struggling in the private rental market.

aboriginal housing

Community housing

Can be either social or affordable housing - it's managed, and sometimes developed and owned, by community housing providers. Community housing providers are not-for-profits – they invest any profits back into new homes, more services or improving their properties.

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But there’s a shortage of homes for low income earners

social housing

Just 28% of rental properties in Australia are affordable for a couple earning a minimum wage

public housing

More than half of all low-income renters

pay over 30% of their income in rent.

In fact, Australia will need 500,000 social and affordable homes by 2026

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That's why we're calling on all parties to develop a national housing strategy to deliver the 500,000 social and affordable homes Australia needs.

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