Housing accord could be a game changer for rental crisis

A major housing package announced in the federal budget is a landmark step towards tackling Australia’s rental crisis, according to Everybody’s Home, the national campaign for real housing solutions.

The National Housing Accord includes an additional $350 million to build 10,000 affordable homes over five years from 2024, on top of the $10 billion Housing Australia Future Fund which will build 30,000 new social and affordable housing properties.

State and territory governments have also committed to building 10,000 homes under the Accord.

It also includes a target to build one million well-located and energy-efficient homes over the same period.

Everybody’s Home national spokesperson Kate Colvin welcomed the package.

“After almost a decade of the Coalition shirking federal responsibility on desperately needed investment in affordable rentals, the new Federal Government is showing national leadership,” she said.

“The Accord has the potential to be a game changer for housing affordability, which has spiralled out of control with devastating consequences for so many Australians.

“Bringing the states and federal government together with local government and super funds unlocks enormous potential. We hope this new collaboration will lead to continued growth in social housing alongside growth in affordable housing, to meet the enormous need from people on the lowest incomes.

“Homelessness is increasing and Australian families with full time breadwinners are living in tents right now. People being able to afford to live near where they want to work is crucial for the economy and society more broadly.

“This shapes as the breakthrough Australians need to break the vicious cycle of soaring rents, high inflation and unaffordable housing.”

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