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A message about ending homelessness

This season of Filthy Rich & Homeless explores what happens in people’s lives when our systems of social care, including having a decent home, are under-resourced.

Poverty can trap people in a cycle of homelessness.

At times it can look like there is no way out.But there is!

People can resolve homelessness if they have a home, and the support they need.

That means creating a housing system that has a place for everyone.

We need all Australians to stand together and call for change so that our governments take action.

There is no better way we can make Australia thrive than by ensuring everybody has a home.

Dr Catherine Robinson
Filthy Rich and Homeless
Series Consultant and Co-Host

Filthy Rich & Homeless Season 3 airs over three nights – June 9, 10 and 11 – on SBS at 8:30pm and SBS On Demand after broadcast.