Federal Cabinet Reshuffle Offers Golden Opportunity for New Approach to Tackling Social Housing and Homelessness

Everybody’s Home says the expansion of Minister Michael Sukkar’s portfolio is an opportunity for a total reset on social housing and homelessness.

Minister Sukkar, who was already Assistant Treasurer, has been given the additional responsibility of homelessness and social and community housing.

“This is a portfolio that could drive incredible change. We how have a Minister who has the means to end homelessness, “ said Everybody’s Home campaign spokesperson Kate Colvin.

“We look forward to working with Minister Sukkar and giving him an insight into what life is like for 116,000 Australians who don’t have a safe or secure place to sleep at night, and what it would it mean if they had a place they could call home.”

Everybody’s Home released a report this week which revealed the impact of COVID-19 is driving up housing stress and homelessness across the country.

It also revealed that a $7.2 billion government investment into social housing could boost the post pandemic economy by $18.2 billion and create 18,000 jobs per year over four years.  

Ms Colvin added: “Minister Sukkar has a unique opportunity to build a legacy and engage in a truly nation building project.

“A $7.2 billion investment would not only create 30,000 social housing units, it would transform the lives of thousands of families across the country and provide an enormous contribution to Australia’s economy at a time of need. What Minster wouldn’t want a legacy like that?” 

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