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If there was ever a summer holiday where people wanted to get away from their own home, this was the year.

Many of us have got to know every inch of our own four walls and were itching to get on the road, to travel interstate, enjoy the great outdoors and visit family and friends.

But, with holidays cancelled across the country and reunions thrown into disarray, there will be many Australians who will be staying put this summer holiday and not by choice.

But whilst it’s understandable to feel sad, disappointed and frustrated, having Christmas at home is a luxury not all Australians can enjoy.

More than 116,000 Australians are homeless and have no safe place to see out this pandemic.

Homelessness is surging and housing stress is set to soar next year. More Australians than ever will find themselves in desperate circumstances.

We urgently need more social housing to fix this problem.

Sign our petition and call on the Federal Government to invest $7.2 billion in social housing to create 30,000 new homes and generate 18,000 jobs annually.