Email your local Labor MP

Let them know you support a National Housing Strategy

I want the homeless, the people in public housing, the renters, those who go to work and work very hard but can never get a deposit together, to be front and centre to the way we judge a party’s agenda for the future of Australia.’ ~ Bill Shorten

Bill Shorten just emphatically said he wants to change the housing system for the better, during a speech in front of key leaders from the homelessness and community housing sector.

He spoke of the need for a National Housing Strategy, to deliver the social and affordable housing Australia desperately needs, so that everyone has a home – a key solution that together, we’ve been campaigning for.

Now, we have to make sure that these words turn into policies. We need to let our local Labor MPs know that we want the statements made today turned into policy commitments. Will you let your local MP know that you support Bill Shorten’s statements today, and that you want to see the policies to match?


If your local representative isn’t a Labor MP don’t worry – you can share this Facebook post to help spread the word instead. There’ll be more for you to do very soon!