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Email our new Minister for Homelessness

This Homelessness Week (August 4-10) will you email new Homelessness Minister Luke Howarth and ask the Government to start work on a bipartisan, national homelessness action plan by the end of 2019?

Every night 116,000 Australians are homelessness. Across the country, homelessness increased by 14% in just five years – and as much as 48% in some areas.

There are solutions: including more social housing and support services to address the drivers of homelessness,  such as family violence, financial insecurity and poverty.

Ending homelessness is everybody’s responsibility – but we need leadership at a national level.

Just add your details in the form provided and we will send an email to Minister Howarth and ask him to start work on a bipartisan national homelessness action plan by the end of this year.

With national leadership and real effort we can halve homelessness within five years, and end it in 10.