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Join thousands of people and Australian organisations who are calling on Josh Frydenberg to create jobs and homes renters can afford.

Investing in social housing is a:

  • WIN for communities that need homes renters can afford, and a
  • WIN for jobs as Australia rebuilds from the pandemic.

Even before COVID-19 almost 120,000 people were homeless every night in Australia. And that number is projected to skyrocket with one million Australians losing income as a consequence of Covid-19.

To prevent a massive increase in homelessness, and to provide safe homes for people without a home, we urgently need a bigger social housing safety net.

Investing in social housing will help end homelessness and create construction jobs that are desperately needed all over Australia.

So, if the Treasurer commits to building 30,000 social housing properties over four years, he can create 18,500 jobs a year in local communities.

But the government needs to know that people want him to create a fairer and stronger community.

Will you contact the Treasurer and urge him to invest in social housing in the lead up to the October Budget?

Just add your details and we’ll send the email for you. Or you can write your own email in the message space provided.

Don’t let the government waste this opportunity to help fix our broken housing system and our broken economy.

Let Josh Frydenberg know that everybody in Australia needs a home!