The way housing is funded in Australia is unfair.  While investors are getting billions of dollars in tax concessions, like negative gearing, more than 800,000 Australians households are going without essentials like food, so they can pay the rent.

The Federal Government spends twice as much in subsidies for investors to build their property portfolios than it does on supporting renters and people facing homelessness.

But if we rebalance the Budget and invest in social and affordable housing, we can fix our broken housing system so that everybody in Australia has a home.

It’s time to rebalance the Budget to deliver support where it is needed so that our housing system works for everyone.

To do that we need the Federal Government to:

  • Wind back the negative gearing and capital gains tax concessions to investors that cost billions in lost revenue.
  • Use these savings to kick start investment in the 500,000 social and affordable rental homes desperately needed by Australians on low and middle incomes.
  • Increase funding for homelessness services so we can end homelessness by 2030; and
  • Increase Commonwealth Rent Assistance by $20 a week to reflect the fact that rents have skyrocketed across the country.

That’s why ahead of the Federal Budget on April 2 we’re asking you to email Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Treasurer Josh Frydenberg to ask them to invest in fixing Australia’s broken housing system.

Send your message now and make sure that on April 2 we get a budget that makes housing work for everyone.