The NSW Government have just introduced reforms to the State’s tenancy laws to Parliament!

And while the reforms include some fantastic changes – such as protections for survivors of family violence – there are still some really crucial pieces missing.

If the State Government’s legislation passes in its current state, unfair evictions will stay, and pets will still remain banned for a third of households.

But the good news is, the Greens and the Labor Party are both planning on making amendments to the Government’s legislation, that would see both of these important protections included. Once these amendments are made, they will just need the support of the crossbenchers to pass. And with a State election just around the corner, these crossbenchers are listening more carefully than ever to what voters want, because they know they’ll be vying for your votes in just a few months’ time.

That’s why we’re asking you to email the crossbenchers now, and let them know you want them to support the amendments to the Government’s new rental laws. Will you use the tool on the right to send an email to them now?

Just a few weeks ago, Victoria passed the biggest rental reforms in the history of the State.

Now it’s your turn.