In your very own electorate of Wentworth, 387 people are homeless, with 57 of them sleeping rough. 5,373 households are in rental stress and 24,897 households face rental insecurity because of unfair renting laws.

It’s a situation that’s echoed right across the country – a situation of crisis.

But the good news is, we know what we can do to fix the broken system. We have the solutions – we just need our politicians in Parliament to implement them, so that everyone has a safe and secure home.

Because you live in the electorate of Wentworth, where there’s a by-election in just a few weeks’ time, you have a unique opportunity to influence one of these politicians. The candidates all desperately want your vote, so they’ll be listening very carefully to what matters to you.

That’s why we’re sending all of the candidates an open letter, to let them know that if they’re elected, we want them to be a champion for the issue of housing, to make sure everyone has a place to call home – and we’d love for you to sign it.

Will you use the tool on the right to sign the open letter calling on each of the candidates in the Wentworth by-election to pledge to champion the issue of housing in Parliament.

We’ll be delivering this open letter to all of the candidates closer to election day – let’s make sure we have as many signatories as possible when we do!

Click here to read the open letter here.

To Mr. Dave Sharma, Mr. Tim Murray, Mr. Dominic Wy Kanak, Ms. Kerryn Phelps, Ms. Angela Vithoulkas, Ms. Andrea Leong, Ms. Licia Heath, Mr. David Barrow, Mr. Shayne Higson, Mr. Bren Forsyth and Mr. Sam Gunning, Everyone needs a place to call home.

But Australia’s housing system is broken – and we need our politicians to step up and fix it.

In the electorate of Wentworth alone, 387 people are homeless, with 57 of them sleeping rough, 5,373 households are in rental stress and 24,897 households face rental insecurity because of unfair renting laws.

And in the broader Sydney area, homelessness has increased by 48% in 5 years and less than 1% of private rental properties are affordable for people on low incomes.

If elected, you will have the opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of not only the people in your electorate, but people right across the country, by championing the issue of housing in Parliament.

Because there are solutions – but we need our leaders in Parliament to implement them.

There are five things our Federal Government can do to fix the system:

  • Develop a National Housing Strategy that would deliver the 500,000 social and affordable homes Australia will need by 2026
  • Reset the tax system around housing to make it work properly for people who are buying a home, not just an investment portfolio
  • Provide immediate relief for people living in chronic rental stress, by increasing Commonwealth Rent Assistance
  • Develop a national action plan to end homelessness by 2030 that addresses all the drivers of homelessness and the over-representation of Aboriginal people in the homeless services system, and that rapidly rehouses people.
  • Introduce nationally consistent tenancy laws to protect tenants against evictions, unfair rent rises, discrimination and landlords who refuse to maintain properties.

We the undersigned, are calling on you to pledge to be a champion for housing to ensure everyone has a home, if you are elected to Parliament.

We’re asking you to stand up for the 116,000 people who are homeless on any night in Australia, for the countless people who are sacrificing essentials like food and medicine just to pay the rent, for people living in fear of eviction or in sub-standard homes.

We’re voters in your electorate, and we need to know you have our back.

We’re asking you, will you pledge to champion housing in Parliament, to make sure everyone has a place to call home?

Signed by,
the Everybody’s Home campaign