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When Lisa moved into her current rental it felt like a fresh start. 

The rent took half her income, but she could just manage on her casual wages. 

But then her casual job ended and now the rent takes all her income. 

Last fortnight Lisa could only pay half her rent. With rents skyrocketing, there isn’t anywhere else she could go to find a cheaper home. If she can’t get more work quickly, she’ll fall further behind.

All the stress and worry is taking its toll.

‘It’s really harming my mental health. I’m not doing well because it’s just been so hard. Having a home I could afford – that stability would mean everything to me.’

Lisa’s story highlights how close people on low incomes skate on the edge of homelessness because there are no rentals you can afford when you hit a rough patch.

It also shows an essential truth about housing and work. It is almost impossible to fulfil your potential, and get a job, or be well and ready for work each day if you don’t have a safe and secure home.

Across Australia more workers are being pushed into homelessness or rent stress by rising rents, and too few affordable rental properties being available. And too many people like Lisa are spiralling into ill health, out of their minds with worry about how they’ll manage the next rent payment.

Providing access to affordable homes to people on low and modest incomes means more people will have the stable home they need to be refreshed and healthy for a day’s work or education.

It decreases the strain on our hospitals, police, mental health and community services. It also happens to be the right thing to do.

Despite worsening rental affordability, particularly in our regional areas, federal funding for social and Indigenous housing has diminished.

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